Fighting homophobia

I think we all are familiar with the word ‘homosexual‘. For those who don’t know what it is, homosexual people are those people who are attracted to the ‘same gender’ as theirs. I think you must be knowing what homophobic means. Adding the word “phobic” already implies negativity. Thus, homo-phobics are the people who don’t support or to a higher level, even hate them.

I would like to simply acknowledge that knowingly or unknowingly, intentionally or unintentionally in the past I have too, talked about or even maybe giggled on listening about anything related to this. I’d blame this on my ignorance. My ignorance towards these social issues. I had no idea that they existed and I couldn’t recognise these problems then. It isn’t anybody’s fault because this thought of wrongness or even hatred for some towards the LGBTQ community has been put into our minds by the Britishers by  introducing Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code in 1861.The section 377 mentioned homosexuality as ‘against the order of nature’ and made it a punishable offence .Surprisingly homosexuality was never illegal or a criminal offense in ancient Indian and traditional codes but was criminalized by the British. Scriptures in temples of khajuraho, instances in Mahabharata and even Ramayana are a testimony to this.

Certain images of the scripture are not included to prevent explicit content

From that time on, it has gotten into our minds that it is something wrong or against the order of the nature. Since then it is seen as a taboo or something which is different. Dilution of the section has made a lot of people accept this. There has been a dramatic shift in the media’s narrative in portraying them as marginalized minorities. But it hasn’t led to a pronounced decrease in homophobia, whose maniacal presence hovers over most Indian households. Whenever someone came out to their parents about this, most of them will conclude that they need to “fix their child“. Conversion therapies are very common in India after the dilution of sec 377. It is illegal, but still followed. It is based on the irrational beliefs and preposterous claim that a person can go back to the normal” lifestyle after undergoing several spiritual, medical, and psychological interventions. It includes methods like shock therapy, some surgical methods, exorcism, hormone replacement therapy, aura cleansing and what not. Even learning about these problems that they have to face in India, chills go down my spine.

After telling about the origin of the problem and how it is viewed in most households in India, now I’ll tell you how I realised my fault and learned to accept this fact Once, i was having a conversation about this with a very close friend of mine. We were watching a movie wherein some homophobics started bullying and harassing such people, and i don’t know how, but i started crying on seeing this. After the movie when we talked about this, she told me that this was something that should be accepted openly. It isn’t any mental disorder but something innate to a human being. It shapes their internal world. It affects how they think and feel about themselves.
Telling them that they are wrong in loving someone of the same gender, they’ll come to view themselves as deeply flawed, unlovable, unworthy and hopeless. We all need to remember that love is pure and true. It knows no gender, caste, religion, or diversity. It’s between two souls not two communities. Learn to accept people for who they are… Lastly I’d say it again. LOVE KNOWS NO GENDER.


Riya Mehta

She’s a remarkable person and a good friend of mine. Thank you for writing for Jansevaks!!! If you want to contact her:-

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2 thoughts on “Fighting homophobia

  1. Kudos to the writer. The article shows awareness of the writer towards such a sensitive issue. It projects the changing perspective of the new generation which is refreshing. Carrying on writing, Riya.

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