The Tryst with destiny- the speech that still divides India and Pakistan

The India Pakistan relationship is a complex relationship. It all started with the partition and now seems to have ended with the surgical strike 2.

The month of February has been a crazy turn of India in the geopolitics of India and Pakistan. As India celebrated the day of love the CRPF was attacked by the alleged Jaish group. The nation was taken aback. After the surgical strike and the grand realease of the film promoting too “URI” there was a sense of confidence among people that they hadn’t lost ; mother India knows how to strike back kind of sense prevailed. Then after the brutal attack of the Pulwama, the nation was shaken. Photos of mutilated bodies of soldiers were all over Whatsapp. Candle marches spread throughout the country. This situation created a lot of political pressure on the government to strike back. To add over it the season of elections too has a profound effect on the politics. A thing that prevailed in the media was the opposition or the ruling politicising the matter. This thing hits me very hard that how can someone fall so low when his own motherland has been attacked. Such situations need the nation to act as one. The other thing that “may” be a contributing factor- media twisting statements made by politicians.

The pressure definitely has a prominent effect on the government. India dropped bombs on the Jaish camps and then has announced to reduce the flow of rivers to the Pakistan. All though the river blocking threat doesn’t actually seem something to be achieved in s matter of time. Such dams take a lot of time to be constructed.

The dropping of bombs seems to be a controversial topic. The Pakistan reports to have lost nothing while India reports to have killed around 350 alleged terrorists. The international sources well, like me report both. The bombing as reported by the Indian media to me seems to be a bit unclear. 12 aircrafts that too not “stealth bombers” cross the LOC and undetected the radars :- how is this possible? There are various explanations I have received like the ground force distracted Pakistan. But I don’t think such a military error would occur in the 21st century and that also not a surprise as the country is in the state of war. Well, I don’t know to congratulate the IAF or criticise the Pakistan army. But the Indian reaction is worth watching.

Lastly I would like to mention the trending topic :- The captured wing commander Abhinandan. Our commander is going to come to our homeland in just a matter of time as issued by Pakistan. This has come as quite surprise for me the same country which holds 1348 Indians in its jails with Kulbushan Jadhav (well also a soldier) for nearly 3 years now is freeing our officer in a matter of time. This gesture actually surprises me a lot and a statement issued by Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan “We have an Indian pilot. As a peace gesture, we will release him tomorrow,” . Well as the world is not full of the VIRTUOUS POLITICIANS what is in Pakistan’s mind? Or is it due to threat of cancellation of humanitarian aids?? Or is it the US or the river water threat? Please comment below.


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