The face of 2019 elections. Whom to vote?

As the year 2018 is coming to end, we are witnessing a lot of excitement about the upcoming general elections. There are a lot of different view about  ab ki baar kis ki sarkar? I hope I can clear up your dilemma regarding who is the better one. 

BJP(Bharatiya janta party)

So the year 2014 was a bonanza for the bjp. The BJP made a lot of promises to the public about development and stuff but where are they? They could fulfill as the data says only 29% of the promises made. You can view their 2014 manifestos yourselves at

So what does it mean for the common man. The good things that the party  has done:-

  1. Crushed the long existing majoritarianism in the Indian politics:- As I mentioned before the year 2014 was a horror year for the INC and is still keeping the mother son awake at nights. As we look back at the 2014 elections the bjp won 282 seats crushing the long continued rule of the Gandhi family which is now left to just 44seats today.

2.Improved foreign relations:- As our honourable prime minister tours the world on our money he does work too he improved the foreign relations of India a lot and also the aspects of India securing a permanent seat in the UNSC. Some of the things which have benefited us our:-

From and checked through other data sources.

  1. BJP Govt. convinced Saudi Arabia to not charge “On-Time Delivery” Premium charges on Crude Oil – Young Petrolium minister Dharmendra Pradhan & External affair minister Sushma Swaraj seal the deal.
  2. India will build 4 Hydropower station + Dams in Bhutan (India will get share in Green energy will be produce in future)
  3. India will build Biggest ever dam of Nepal (China was trying hard to get that) – India will get 83% Green energy produce from that hydropower station in free – in future.
  4. Increased relationship with Japan and they agree to invest $30 Billion in DMIC (Delhi – Mumbai Investment Corridor)
  5. Increase relationship with Vietnam and Vietnam now agree to give contract of Oil exploration to ONGC-Videsh (UPA was not ready to take because they are worried of china – major conflict on south-china sea)
  6. Increase Oil Import from Iran despite there is ban by USA. Iran agree to sell in Indian rupees and it save our Forex. India didn’t stop to build “Chabahar” port of Iran.
  7. India – Australia (NaMo is first PM to visit Australia after 28yrs) Despite Australia is major supplier of Coal & Uranium. NaMo able to convinced Tony Abbott and now Australia will supply Uranium for our energy production.
  8. China favoring President lost election in Sri Lanka – Remember UPA lost “Hambantota” port development – read latest report of CIA where they mention RAW has major role in power shift of Sri Lanka. Now Modi has confirmed he is visiting Sri Lanka in April.
  9. With China as Trade Deficit was increasing – NaMo force either Anti-Dumping will be come soon or China have invest into India. – China commit $20 billion Investment in India.

Also as the oil prices surges Modi has successfully resisted the oil prices to surge higher by fearlessly ignoring the US threatens.  Although all these come at a cost of more than 300 crores.

3.Indroduction of a number of schemes:-  So most the people do not know about what schemes has the PMO introduced because the schemes aren’t popularised much by the BJP. Although a lot of  seem to benefitting the common man. The bjp has not been in a scheme related scandal yet. Some of schemes introduced by the government are:-

1.Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)

2.Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana (PMJJBY)

3.Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana

You can

4. Narendra modi:-

Modi is itself the soul of BJP. He is like the Brahmastra of the bjp. His oratory skills are easy to fool the common mans hearts but the let the oratory not fool you as man is not completely Harishchandra. He is the strength and weakness of the bjp. Although when we look practically this man has no reason to collect money as he has none to leave it to. This year  according to his declaration he has only 2crores in total. 

As one may feel the man is bit soft when it comes to his homeland – Gujarat. He never fails to please the people of his home ground. Like shown by his generous projects of bullet train,metro and the statue of unity in Gujarat. 

Downsides of the BJP

1.Influence of the RSS- The bjp is though denies the fact of being influenced by the RSS is largely influenced and motivated by it. This drives away a lot of voters from the bjp vote bank. The RSS propaganda aggressively opresses the non Hindus in India. This RSS is not just any organisation but is known to have militant sects too which have been seen time to time like during the 2002 Gujarat riots.

So personally too and as a secular person I strongly dislike the works of the RSS.

2.Minor faults in political propoganda

The month of December was a bit bumpy for BJP. Losing 3 states was a great loss. But I hope lessons are learnt. Even though the PM addressed in Chhattisgarh they lost the state. The reason was partly due to the common man is not interested in what the earlier government didn’t do but sir what will you do if you come to power?? You can read this in depth about comments on uncle Nehru .

Although they do sometimes speak the TRUTH.

3.The De-*Money*-tisation 

The big hit on the common man was the demonetisation. Every Indian remembers the date 8th November when the beloved 500 and 1000 notes were rendered ‘not anymore in circulation’. I still don’t know whether it was good or bad as different mediums of media have different kinds of viewpoints. It hit the common man a bit hard and the the resentment still somewhere lies in the heart. 


The INC (Indian National Congress)

The INC is not what is used to be. It’s long time status has changed from ‘ruling’ to ‘ought to be ruling’. 2014 was a devasting year for the party and was one of its worst performances. But still lessons may be learnt. It is now getting steady and is more confident after their win-win in the states. But the prospects for a landslide in 2019 still are dim. So benefits of the INC are:-

  1. May work hard under the strong opposition

After 2014 the BJP has proven to be a strong competitor against the INC. So if it comes in power in 2019 it may work hard under the dire pressure of not coming again. As the media reports Mr Rahul Gandhi has improved at lot and has a way to go.

2.It is secular

You take it or not the INC doesn’t propogate any religion. As a result you haven’t seen them interfering with the Ram Mandir politics. People believe it is to get votes but whatever the reason may be India is a SECULAR state it is a land shared by many religions and we should also support the other religions. 

3. Can potentially lower the cases of mob lynching

During the bjp tenure India has seen an overgrowth in cases of mob lynching like the 2015 Dadri mob lynching. It is seen mainly that most of these cases involve cattle and these cases are mostly linked with the Bajrang Dal.

Congress has got downsides like:-

1.The Mahagathbandhan Utopia

Congress has issued a lot statements on mahagathbandhan. The last thing a common person would like is a woobly coalition government. The people have faced this problem before too and they know how it ends… Although the times passing by we don’t see any kind of interest shown by Mayavati ji, Akhilesh ji or Mamta ji. The Maha gathbandhan still is a far fetched dream for the INC.

2.Link to scams

Congress leaders have been linked to many scams like the national herald case, 2G scam or the Coalgate scam have risen the eyebrows of suspicion among the people. It has risen a kind of mistrust among the masses.

3.Dynastic symbol

The dynastic politics is on a rise now with the BJP pointing the untouched label of Congress president seat as only for GANDHIs. It’s long time for the Congress to get someone other than the family to win people.

The Third Front

So the third front is looking better than before now. The BSP and Samajwadi party got nice results in the states. The alliance is very crucial and important factor in the upcoming elections. The third front can be set up keeping the congress out.


The CPI though today has now taken a backseat in politics. The first opposition party seems to be fading with time. It doesn’t seem to show any interest in the third front.

The Virtue Meter

The question still remains who is the real Jan Sevak and who is the SV  Sevak. What the common man wants is someone who makes life easier and solves his problems by becoming his voice. But still the question remains whom should we vote for or most importantly who would work for us flawlessly, scamlessly and honestly – the answer is itself on the EVM



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