THE NEW INDIAN DREAM- the great brain drain

The board exams of nearly all students have ended by now. This is a crucial time when the youth is deciding their own future. They often don’t know how it is linked to their country’s future too. These days nearly every single person I come across wishes to go to travel abroad. We are all fascinated by the life of a foreign land. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it has become the “INDIAN DREAM”. Thinking about the issue I have come across several arguments and unfortunately I can’t take a side.

If we see a few decades back people moving out of the country was a great achievement because our country didn’t have much opportunities. People moved in search of jobs. But the new generation has been increasingly seen moving out for a better culture and a better lifestyle. It burned my heart down when recently heard someone criticizing our culture and citing the culture the reason for moving out. Well, I completely agree that our culture is backward in some areas. Indeed it is orthodox but it is in no way inferior than the western culture. We have our own values and ethics. No culture teaches respect as our own culture. You must have often noticed children being forced to do “namaste” to others. We touch our parents feet and I think in terms of respect of parents, elders and even others our culture teaches us a lot. This fascination for westernization is indeed gaining popularity among the youth. I don’t criticize the western culture nor am I against modernization.undefined But we shouldn’t forget our own culture. We can adopt things from outside. It is necessary to understand that our culture is not orthodox but its just a bit protective and it has evolved in a certain way. I don’t think only criticizing it would bring any change at all. We are the youth of this nation. We are the next generation. running away from problems doesn’t yield any solutions. We can bring the change ourselves. We are the change.

We constantly say India is deficient in engineers, doctors and well educated skilled people. All the skilled people are moving out. The finest of our talent is not here. We declare with immense pleasure of the vast number of Indian scientists in NASA and at the silicon valley. But the fact still remains that they are not in India.

Although we are developing at a fast pace I think there is a need for better and high tech educational institutions. There is a need to for more job makers rather than takers. It is not bad to go out for studies at all. Foreign countries do provide better education opportunities. The competition in India too is very high due to the limited number of institutes. This is also one of the main reasons why parents prefer to ‘settle’ their sons or daughters abroad. Personally I would suggest students to pursue their basic education (bachelors) here and if keen can go abroad for further studies (masters). Education abroad is a really expensive affair and costs parents a large chunk of their hard earned money.

I personally appreciate all those who are coming back to India and implementing the skills they learn from outside. I have been noticing an increasing hostility in foreign countries towards migrants. The cases of discrimination are becoming pretty high. Some countries have also started deporting expats back. The visa restrictions have also become stringent. It is really funny that the people who travel abroad and then start to call themselves the countries citizens and feel ashamed of being called Indians are often the ones calling for rescue when pandemics like corona strike. They suddenly are proud to become an Indian. Even those these people don’t pay taxes still India has always ensured that all its citizens are safe. India has conducted a number of operations to bring back its citizens.

India despite its all problems is developing at a fast rate. The youth in my opinion is the instrument of change and progress. It is very important to remember ones roots and respect one s nation. We are all running after making our identities known in the world. But nationality is the only one which comes for free and is the best one. Be proud to be an Indian.


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