Behind the politician: Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj

The year 2019 has witnessed tragic demises of some eminent Indian politicians. Coincidentally they all belong to the BJP. I am talking about late Mr Jaitley and Mrs Sushma Swaraj. Both they leaders breathed there last in month of august. Not failing to mention Mr Vajpayee, one ofthe best prime minister of India too breathed his last in August the preceding year. This article is not about the politicians and their career but today i would rather like to dhare some lesser known stories about these great politicians. I know a few might point out the flaws, mistakes or scams they have been in or alleged to be a part of , I personally think still these people have done something good for the nation which is worth mentioning.


Arun Jaitley (28 December 1952 – 24 August 2019) was an Indian politician and attorney. A member of the BJP, Jaitley served as the Minister of Finance and Corporate Affairs of the Government of India from 2014 to 2019. A few may not be aware of but he was a lawyer and also had a degree in commerce.

Former Finance Minister believed in donating and helping others silently. Jaitley performed many important responsibilities to raise the standard of living of his personal staff. On the other hand, the staff also looked after Jaitley like a family member and gave him medicine or diet on time.

Jaitley had maintained an undisclosed policy, under which the children of his employees studied in the same Carmel Convent School in Chanakyapuri, where his own children used to study. If any talented child of the employee was willing to study abroad, then he was sent abroad to study in the same institution where Jaitley’s children were studying. About 10 employees, including driver Jagan and assistant Padma, have been associated with the Jaitley family for the last two-three decades. Three of their children are still studying abroad. One of the two daughters of Jogendra, who sees the entire arrangement of the Jaitley family’s food and drink, is studying in London. One of the sons of colleague Gopal Bhandari has become a doctor and the other is an engineer. Apart from this, Surendra was the most important face in the entire staff. He accompanied Jaitley at the time of his practice in court. He was responsible for supervising all the work from home office. If the children of any wanted to pursue MBA or any other professional course, Jaitley used to make complete arrangements ranging from fees to jobs. Jaitley gave his Ascent car number 6666 as gifts to Chetan, son of his assistant OP Sharma, in 2005, while he was studying law.


Sushma Swaraj:- Humanity doesn’t have borders

Sushma Swaraj (14 February 1952 – 6 August 2019) was an Indian politician and a Supreme Court lawyer. A senior leader of BJP as the Minister of External Affairs in the years of 2014–2019. She was the second woman to hold the office, after Indira Gandhi.

During her tenure Sushma Swaraj helped several people form both the sides on the other hand maintaining her country’s foreign policy. 

In 2017 she had granted Hira Shiraz a young Pakistani girl, a year long visa for a open heart surgery. Her mother had contacted her through her social media handle on twitter and Sushma Swaraj didnt fail to see the message but also to approve the visa request immediately.

The former Foreign Minister helped another Pakistani citizen Shahzaib Iqbal who reached out to her requesting medical visa for liver transplant of his cousin. She approved the application immediately.

Geeta, the 27-year-old deaf and mute woman, who was rescued from Pakistan and brought back to India after being stranded there for 15 years, it was Sushma Swaraj, who instrumented her return in 2015.

Sushma Swaraj may have been a headache for the Pakistani politicians, but in her heart she was always a humane woman. Her works show the true meaning of poitics. Politics was never meant to make an individual powerful but make the people themselves empowered to help themselves.

The demise of such great leaders show how fragile human life is. These leaadera aren’t dead- they will live forever in the minds of people.

Jai Hind!!!

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