What does the common man want?

We Indians are always ready to criticise the government for every rhyme and reason. For example, suppose I threw a banana peel on the corner of the road and slowly slowly people joined my movement and finally it got converted to a big pile of garbage. So what a typical man does is say “ are chchee yaar ye Modi Kuchch karta hi nahi.” These problems in my eyes are the problems that we as a community can only solve. Laws work only when people follow them. But some problems do come under the government which I think it needs to solve. The problems that affect the common person.

  1. Roads:- For the ease of everyday transportation good roads are a vital part of a persons daily life. In India we have maximum tar roads. The municipal coroporations may hand the reason as low budget but if look at the situation making concrete roads is more sensible as they are more durable. Tar roads last maximum 10 years while concrete roads last for 40 years. What we need to do is broaden our minds and look forward to long term solutions to a problem. There also needs to be a stringent check on the roads made by the private contractors as there is always a quality comprise in such cases. This happened in 2017 where the corporation ultimately took 10 contractors under custody on charges of cheating with the government.

2. Social security:– When a man grows old he obviously needs some money to spend rest of his life happily. Worldwide 52% senior citizens recieve pensions according to the International Labour Organisation. For a person who pays tax it is the duty of the state to repay the services to the person when he/she needs it the most. In India we don’t have any kind of social security system for the senior citizens. A country which believes the elders as divine and their blessings as the blessing of God it is a shame that the same country is incapable of even providing them 2 square meals a day. Even if a person didn’t pay tax still on humanitarian grounds the state should provide him or her a small pension. This need is strongly felt nowadays with the increasing cases of children leaving their parents in old age homes. We call India our motherland so it is the duty of a mother to take care of his child when he or she needs him.

3. Safety:- Crime rates in India are on a rise today thanks to our massive population and unemployment. Safety has become a major concern for people especially women.

Recent incidents of rape have stirred the conscience of the nation. Even as India reels from the shock of the cases in Kathua (Jammu and Kashmir) and Unnao (Uttar Pradesh), there are more such incidents being reported almost on an everyday basis, such as the ones in Surat (Gujarat) and Nadia (West Bengal).

These barbaric incidents at various parts of the country have once again put the spotlight on the governments poor track record in protecting its women who is considered divine in the countries culture and is given the status of Lakshmi. It is a shame on the state. Is it the negligence or the inability of the government to protect people?? All these incidents demand series actions to be taken so as to make India a better and a safer place.

Promote deserving india not the reserved India:- The topic reservation is a pretty controversial topic which has risen many arguments over the years. I don’t condemn the system as still many cases of lynching the so called low castes are reported everyday. But politicians have converted this into a vote bank. We had the Jats and the Patidar rallies the previous year which weren’t enough for the government to at least reduce reservation. The Government shouldn’t close the system but at least should keep the reservation at 25-27% max as this was the actual recommendation of the Mandal commission. The system of reservation is one of the obstacles in way of the developing India. It has caused immense brain drain over the years.

It’s our country which follows and violates our own codes- ‘Vidya me mandir mien sab barabar hote hai’. But what we have today -Vidya me mandir mien sab barabar hote hai sivaye general wale’. I think it’s high time for the country to realise that God hasn’t made anyone backward and for the government which wants to win elections in the name to protect whom they call the backward classes I would just like to say “Sir it’s not my brothers and sisters who are are BACKWARD it is your ideology.” Why don’t we all get up and fight against this biased system where we have right to equality co existing with such as system. The government has to realise that people who have the quality to do something don’t need protection they are birds who will soar high in the sky. This is evident by cases like :-

Tina Dabi, who had topped the civil services examination 2015 at the age of 22. Just after the results were declared, when social media was flooded with reports that a Dalit girl has topped the UPSC people were shocked.This achievement could not have been possible 40-50 years ago. Dabi has not availed of the quota, but reservation has provided the opportunities, of which her triumph is the byproduct.


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