Feminism- every woman’s right

(also available in hindi)

Since the stone age, women are considered to be weaker than men. We humans have ourselves drawn lines between the so called “woman’s world” and the “mans world”. Although things are changing but very slowly. Still some doubts exist in minds of the people even women, a sense of doubt,” Are women and men equal?”.


In the recent times there has been rise of the people who call themselves as feminists. So what does feminism actually mean?. The google definition says that ”
the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. ” Well for me, its more than it. Its not the ”advocacy”, it is demand its the right of every female. In the eastern countries like India, the women are still denied their rights. Women are believed to be solely responsible for raising children and taking care of the home. The male is just supposed to come home from work and relax. This situation even persists in the families where the females go to work. The main challenge I see towards the women’s emancipation is her earning. Today, it has become the self evident truth that the one who earns more is more dominant in the family. For changing we need to come out of our narrow minded orthodox thoughts which stereotype females as weak.

but now we are faced with many questions and stories like,”
My mother didn’t earn a single penny in her life and neither did she care. But can you think of our family without her? Is it even a possibility? “She worked all the time and nobody paid her. This is just rubbish.
Today, in the name of Feminism, unfortunately, a lot of women are desperately trying to be like men even when they can be better than them. This is becoming a race on how women can earn a few bucks more than men. Stupid way to structure life for both men and women.  “


Well for such stories I would like to ask such people did your mother enjoyed some rights as your father? For once in a while did he give her a glass of water or cooked food for her? Does she have equal vote in making each and every decision of your family? Well money isn’t everything, but it still matters. Why should the husband take all the decisions in the family? Why should a wife ask for the husbands permission to spend or take a financial decision? I wont restrict feminism to household work but it still is an issue. Its not a battle of rights but or race between who earns more but it is battle of ideologies.

All over the world but more in the Asian countries there exists an age long practice of not letting women or girls travel or roam late at night. Mothers especially incorporate this belief in their daughters,’ beta 10 buje se pehle ghar aa jana.”- “come home before 10”. Why does this fear exist over the world?. I ask all the mothers that why don’t you ask your boys to behave rather than your girls to be cautious. Politicians today promise us all the things but no one has ever promised the safety of women. Women too have the right to live and enjoy themselves. So is it the states responsibility or the someone else. I say why dont you demand for your rights? Why stop your daughters to achieve her full potential, expend less in her studies than your son? Isn’t she the lakshmi of your family?

Some people might think that these ideas are too modern even for the west but as honourable Mr Barrack Obama said,’ Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the change we seek.” at last I Would like to mention a thing, I got this thought from someone that if feminism means being identified as woman, from the body organs then better let choose the brain. Please comment below on what you think about a woman’s right and her fight for it…


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