What is the fuss about the CAA? What is CAA? I will try to answer all your questions in this blog. Note I won’t take any sides in the blog because for me both the sides present equally good arguments to the law. So the CAA is the Citizenship Amendment Act which came into force […]

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It is a proud moment for the Indian democracy as the BJP government is successful to cleverly scrap the article 370 of the Indian constitution. Article 370 was a very controversial law that needed to be amended, better never should have been made. A brief introduction on article 370:- Article 370 of the Indian constitution gave […]

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Feminism- every woman’s right

(also available in hindi) Since the stone age, women are considered to be weaker than men. We humans have ourselves drawn lines between the so called “woman’s world” and the “mans world”. Although things are changing but very slowly. Still some doubts exist in minds of the people even women, a sense of doubt,” Are […]

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